Why Digitally Explained?

Digitally Explained is published by Lavilo Web Design, a boutique web design firm that specializes in helping small businesses succeed.

As small business entrepreneurs, we know what it's like to wear multiple hats. You are the sales and delivery team, the front and back office. You do marketing to win new customers, chase payments to keep your finances in order, and make technology decisions that can have long-lasting effects. All in a single day. It can sometimes be overwhelming.

Digitally Explained breaks down complex concepts into topics that make a difference for small businesses.

Think of us as your coach, an ally, as we cover digital marketing, branding, e-commerce, web design, and business management.

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Making the complex digital world easier to understand for small business entrepreneurs.


As a web designer, photographer, business coach, and co-founder of Lavilo Web Design, I work with owners of small and mid-sized companies who want to realize the true potential of their businesses.